Drainage Benefits

  1. Earlier planting and harvesting
    Excess moisture in the spring can slow the soil from warming. A well drained farm can get you in the field 7 to 10 days earlier and give you a more consistent stand across the farm, thus bringing you an earlier harvest.

  2. Improved soil structure
    Good drainage reduces compaction, smearing, and crusting.  Good drainage also improves soil aeration and the breakdown of organic matter.

  3. Drought Insurance
    Maintaining a lower more consistent, water table will encourage deeper root growth early in the season giving you a heartier plant. Poor drainage often results in shallower roots and a plant that is easier damaged by the wind.

  4. Maximize Your Fertilizer
    You should only have to tile your field once if it’s done right, but fertilizer is an input you will be addressing every year. With its rising cost, why watch it wash away when a good drainage system will insure improve absorption into the soil.

  5. No Till
    Good drainage is key to moving towards a full no till operation which creates energy and fuel savings in itself.

  6. Sub-Irrigation and Drainage Water Management
    You may be interested in taking your drainage system to the next level. Although it is possible to incorporate these practices into an existing drainage system, often it needs to be discussed and planned way before equipment arrives on site. There are many factors to be investigated on every farm to see if it is even feasible.

  7. Erosion Management
    Good drainage cannot eliminate the need for waterways and terraces in many cases, but does dramatically reduce erosion. By maintaining a lower water table, it allows the soil to act like a sponge that is capable of absorbing those big rain events.

  8. Cover Crops
    Between economic and environmental benefits, I feel cover crops will become a option every farmer will have to consider. We know it also comes with some draw backs as well, but a good drainage system and cover crop program will help with the management in the spring.

  9. The Next Generation
    With tax laws changing on almost an annual basis, your family is going to have many issues to face when the operation falls into their hands. Drainage is a good way to transfer revenue while utilizing the tax write off. A good drainage system is also a way of maximizing profits for your heirs.

  10. And the Most Important of All...
    Old Bart's got to keep food on the table. My dad always said to remember that the guy you’re working for has to eat to. While, yes, were running a business that has a bottom line, just like you, we want to help you be profitable and ourselves as well.