What has Maxwell farm drainage inc. provided to its customers over the last century?

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Learn about our Histroy

Beginning in 1910, my great grandfather Alexander Maxwell and his brother Silas started laying clay field tile and building small bridges around Montgomery County, Indiana. Of Alexander's eleven children, three of his sons - Jack, Birle, and Walter - continued the business into the 1960's.

We don't know when exactly they got their first Buckeye tiling machine, but until then everything was dug by hand. My grandfather, Ralph "Windy" Maxwell, helped my great uncles part time, and that's how Bart Maxwell Sr. got involved...

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The Services We Offer

We are 100% committed to the agriculture community, which means that we are working to keep our customers taken care of in a timely fashion all year around. We have two commercial plows:

  • BRON 3

  • 2012-07-03_15

Our wheel trencher is capable of installing up to 36" of piping:

  • Hawaii 007

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Drainage Benefits

1. Earlier planting and harvesting - Excess moisture in the spring can slow the soil from warming. A well-drained farm can get you in the field 7 to 10 days earlier and give you a more consistent stand across the farm, thus bringing you an earlier harvest.

2. Improved soil structure - Effective drainage reduces compaction, smearing, and crusting. In addition, effective drainage also improves soil aeration and the breakdown of organic matter.

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